Unseeded Entry - Guiseley PCA / Autotest

RCT #EventDriverClubCo-DriverClubMakeModelCCClass
Acknowledged Entries
1PCAKevin HardwickEastwood MC+ Loughborough CCAlister HardwickEastwood MC + Loughborough CCPeugeot2051360E
2PCAAlister HardwickEastwood MC+ Loughborough CCKevin HardwickEastwood MC + Loughborough CCPeugeot2051360N
3PCAOliver BlairAiredale & Pennine Motor Car ClubRobert HolmesAiredale & Pennine MiniCooper1600N
4PCAGary John RossIlkley and DistrictJannine RossIlkley and DistrictCitroen Saxo1124E
5PCAJannine RossIlkley and DistrictGary John RossIlkley and DistrictCitroen Saxo1124N
6PCAStephen Waddington Airdale and pennine motor clubRuby Holmes HyundaiI101248E
7PCARuby Holmes Airdale and penning motor clubStephen Waddington HyundaiI101248B
8PCARobert HolmesAiredale and pennine motor car clubOliver Blair MiniCooper1600B
9PCAIain ChadwickIlkley & DistricCath ChadwickIDMCMazdaMX51800B
10ATDavid BennettEastwood MC+ Loughborough ccN/aNissanMicra998E
11ATMark Busfield A&P and IDMCCWBTrident 1172ccE
12ATNeil RavenIlkleyMazdaMX5 1800E
13ATClaire RavenIlkleyCitroenSaxo1600N
14PCAPeter CleggA & PSarah CleggA & PVauxhall Corsa 1598N
15PCAJosh RamsdenAiredale & Pennine Motor Car ClubOliver BlairAiredale & Pennine Motor Car ClubMiniCooper1600B
16PCAEddie DrummondAirdale & Pennine motor car clubOliver BlairPennine & Airdale motor clubMiniCooper1600N
17ATStephen HolmesCDMCN
18PCAPaul SlingsbyAPMCCMalcolm DaveyAPMCCMGBRoadster1798E
19PCAMalcolm DaveyAPMCCPaul SlingsbyAPMCCMGBRoadster1798E
20PCAJessica Crawley Airedale & Pennine Andrew Crawley Airedale & Pennine Morris Mini Cooper 998998 cc B
21PCAAndrew crawley Airedale & Pennine Jess Crawley Airedale & Pennine Mini Mini cooper 998ccE
22ATJamie DuckettAiredale And Pennine Motor ClubMazdaMX-5 1597B
23ATRay JudeIDMCTriumphTR7 V83528E
24ATDavid BlaneyIDMCMazdaMx51598N
26PCADavid RamsdenAiredale & Pennine Motor Car ClubJosh RamsdenAiredale & Pennine Motor Car ClubMiniCooper1600B
27ATBen JudeIDMCTriumphTR7 V83528E
28PCADaniel MeredithAiredale & pennineAndrew BowerFordKa1300B